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How to Approach Women – Do You Know What You Want AFTER You Approach Her?

Approaching women can be tough, no doubt about it. And trying to get this part of your life handled can take some time and it can be frustrating. One thing that most guys really don’t think about when they are learning how to approach women is what is your intention and what is your goal […]

Seduction Secrets for Men – Why You Cannot Try So Hard to Seduce a Woman

Some things in life, it’s good to put in a lot of effort. Some things, it’s much better to sit back and let things happen. Seduction is one of those things. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like you want to do absolutely nothing at all to seduce a woman. It’s just that, your […]

Creating a Fun and Flirty Vibe…Instantly! Posted by Learn to Approach

Filed under My Thoughts Flirting with women is all about getting off on the right foot. The first impression that you make with a woman will set the pace for the entire interaction…and relationship (if it goes there). So the key to flirting effectively is getting off on the right foot when it comes to […]

6 Amazing First Date Conversation Topics to Keep Your Date From Getting Dull “Hi, you look simply amazing today.”

“Thank you. You look good too.” “So what will you have? I hear the crème brulee here is delectable.” “Thanks, I’ll try that.” Then silence. Complete utter silence. All that can be heard is the clatter of utensils against the plates. Then you hear bugs chirp. It’s complete awkward silence. This situation has happened to […]

5 Crucial Tips on Using Body Language to Attract Women

There are certain set of rules that govern our lives as people. These rules influence the way we behave as these standards will allow us to get rewards or punishments and affirmations or rejections based on how we acted.  If you steal something, you end up in jail; surrender something you’ve found to the rightful […]