Christian Dating: It’s Easy To Mess Up. Here’s How You Do It RIGHT

Christian Dating: It’s Easy To Mess Up. Here’s How You Do It RIGHT

So you want to find a good, wholesome, God loving woman to be your wife and the mother of your children; good luck? There aren't any left in the world. Just kidding, there are plenty as long as you are either committed to the same values as they are, or at the very least planning to be. Keep in mind if your idea of fun involves pornography, swinging, orgies, or lots of alcohol and drugs, Christian woman are not going to be for you unless you change in a dramatic way and fast. However, if you really have embraced church and the beliefs of Christianity, and live a fairly clean lifestyle, you might just stand a chance.

It's easy!

Let's start you off with a little assistance from here on Earth in the form of a dating website. This website is 100% free to all who join, and all of its features are free to use. There will be no fees for a premium membership or any other feature on the site, did I mention its free, heck that's even in the name. The site is christiandatingforfree give it a try and see if you can find that one Christian match out there that's just for you. The site is full of wonderful Christians just waiting to meet the right person and enter into a long term relationship.

The Search is On

Using the site above is not the only way to find a good Christian to date, but there are a few things to remember. Most likely you will be at church, or a church group when you meet Christian people and are looking for a date, but this is of course not your only objective, keep in mind to be respectful and reverent to God, the church is his place, not your matchmaking facility

Wanna be sexy?

Another thought to keep in mind, once you find someone and have had a date or two, don't take on a long term relationship with them if you know this is not the person you want to marry. As painful as it might be, it is better for both of you to not be together if the relationship isn't going to result in marriage. Last advice before you get your search going; what traits do you want this person to have? If your list has gotten longer than the instructions to put together a rocket ship, that's way too many. Dial it down a lot; remember you are looking for a good Christian person with a good heart and love of God to make you connection with, that's it.

Setting the Stage

Let's say you have used the Christian Dating For Free website I mentioned. You have now met a person on the website who seems wonderful and shares many of the same values that you have and find attractive in someone you might consider to make your life mate, what you should do and what you should not do. This is of course the fun part, what do we get to do on our date. You should have a lot of fun, find something that you both like to do, it doesn't all have to be at church or in a Christian group setting. Go to a movie, out to dinner, go dancing (as long as your religion allows it) or any other fun activity you can think of. In addition to the activity you can enter into some wonderful conversation with each other. You share a bond in the Lord and many times the conversations amongst practicing Christians can be deeper and a bit more personal than others. Don't be afraid to share honestly and let your hair down some. Some of the simplest things to ignore is what not to do while on a date with another Christian person. This is really simple actually; the first part is not to ignore communication with each other. Read the signs that the other person is giving and make sure you discuss your intentions. For example, if you have been on several dates together, always out in public, and decide to have a movie night at either home, that's fine. If while the date is taking place, you find yourselves involved in a lot of physical intimacy a good idea before things get too far would be to have a time out. Not like when you were kids and you had to stand in a corner or sit on a chair and face the while, I sure had to do that a lot, but stop the touching for a few minutes and just talk. You need to talk to each other about how far each of you is comfortable with the physical intimacy and set some ground rules. Once you have had this conversation and you find yourselves able to abide by your own self-imposed rules for a while what happens if you slip up or feel things are going too far again? One solution is the double date. If you have another Christian couple on your date with your, there really isn't much of a chance your will get too physical with each other in front of them.

Let's go double!

The nice thing about a double date is you get to spend time with some friends as well and enjoy watching them as a couple while having some fun. However, if you still are having trouble keeping your hands off each other, aside from tying them behind your back, another option would be to seek the counsel of some of your church leaders.

Have Fun

Remember, the whole point of finding a Christian person to date is to have someone who could be your life partner, but that's a lot of pressure. Try to relax, have fun and enjoy each other in the journey from newly introduced to serious dating and maybe even to the alter together and it all starts with Christian dating sites, a little advice and the right attitude. Give it a shot.