Flirting Tips for Guys – Ways To Make a Woman Enjoy Being Around You

Flirting Tips for Guys – Ways To Make a Woman Enjoy Being Around You

One of the worst experiences that a guy can have is to flirt with a woman and get the feeling that they are making her feel uncomfortable around them. That’s the exact opposite feeling that you want her to have. The whole goal of flirting with a woman is to be able to make her feel like she really enjoys being around you so that you get the chance to get her phone number or get a date with her. You need to be able to make her feel sparks around you or else, you are not going to get that number or that date.

Here are some ways that you can flirt with a woman and make her feel like she really does enjoy being around you:

1)  Don’t make your interaction with her come off as being all about you. This is a mistake that lots of guys will make and they don’t even realize that they are doing a bad thing.   They try so hard to impress the woman that they are flirting with, that they make the entire interaction become about them and not at all about the woman. You don’t want to do that if you are trying to make a woman feel like she is having a fun time flirting with you. You need to be able to make her feel like you are interested in her and that’s not going to be the impression that she gets if it seems like everything is all about you. 2)  Try to find some way to create an inside joke between you and her. When you have a joke that you and the woman you are flirting with share, it gives off that feeling of intimacy and it makes her feel bonded to you which is going to definitely make her feel comfortable around you. Don’t be afraid to laugh around with her and use humor to build up rapport with a woman. 3)  Find a way to create some natural physical contact between you and her. If you just reach out to touch her, it’s not going to have a positive effect, because it will come across like you are just trying to grope her or something. On the other hand, if you are able to create a situation where the physical contact feels natural, that can be a good way to not only make her feel more comfortable around you, but also make her feel a little bit of that spark that can lead to other things.

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