Get the Confidence and Relaxation of the Alpha Male

Get the Confidence and Relaxation of the Alpha Male

In the animal world, the alpha wolves mate with most of the females while the others are sexually starved. So why do 5% of the guys get 90% of the sex? Whether a woman sleeps with you or not is NOT up to her. As soon as you walk into a room you’re sending signals to women by the way you walk, talk, and project your energy. Attraction is a biological mechanism that you trigger inside her with a laid-back, confident attitude that leads her to believe unconsciously you’re one of these alpha males. So………

How do YOU get the confidence and relaxation of the alpha male?

None of us are born with having incredible confidence around women. After all, ever have trouble approaching attractive women you’d like to meet? Ever have your hands become sweaty during conversation and you don’t know what to say? Ever be the «nice guy» only to get passed up for the «bad boy»? You KNOW what you want, and you KNOW how you want to make women feel, and you KNOW you want more confidence, yet you somehow feel trapped. Every woman has a fantasy of being whisked off her feet by the romantic hero, by the man who knows what he wants and is confident with himself, by the man who oozes confidence from every inch of his skin and follows through with action. Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, and George Clooney are all known for their sex appeal, for their ease with women and their sense of humor that women can’t resist. Through the Confidence Max Audio Series, you can be like them too by setting off the unconscious cues in women that will make them feel naturally attracted to you.

Why Everyone Else Gets It Wrong

The missing ingredient – the secret you could say - is to have a special type of confidence based on relaxation. A lot of products out there claim you need unstoppable confidence, but that’s where they go wrong (as you will soon discover…) or they give you boring, lame-ass «affirmations» which don’t work unless you practice them perfectly for YEARS. My system, based on relaxation, doesn’t make you force or fake the signs of confidence, which any intelligent woman can see through… (haven’t we all done that… gotten drunk or tried to psych ourselves up yet deep down we knew it really wasn’t working)… but to actually have GENUINE confidence with women at the very core of who you are. Confidence MAX is the only product that gets it right.