How to Get a Girlfriend – It’s NOT About the Money, Trust Me

How to Get a Girlfriend – It’s NOT About the Money, Trust Me

When it comes to dating, men and women put a lot of weird limitations on themselves. Women will think that they have to look a certain way to get guys interested in them, and guys think that they have to come off looking like they got money to get good looks from women. Well, in both cases, they are usually wrong and just limiting themselves. If you think that the number one reason why you are not getting a girlfriend, or that the kind of women you want do not pay attention to you is because you don’t bank enough cash, then you are limiting yourself. I won’t pretend not to know that there are some women out there that rank guys based on wealth above all other things. They are out there. However, they are not the rule, they are the exception to the rule. And if you run into a woman who is all about the money, you want to pass her by, even if you do have a decent amount of cash flow.

She’ll find a way to take it or spend it if you don’t.

Back to the main point of it not being all about the money. It can seem that way when you are not getting the kind of attention that you want and you know that you are broke. The brain searches for answers to why you are not getting the results that you want, and a logical conclusion is the money factor. However, I can assure you that 9 times out of 10, it’s not about the money.

Think about it like this:

If you DID have a lot more money, what would that really do for you in terms of getting women? Most likely it would make your more confident, that’s for sure. You would feel like you had a chance with just about any woman you encountered, simply because you were doing well in the financial area of your life. You wouldn’t have that nagging part of your brain telling you that you were not good enough of that you did not ‘measure’ up.

So, what you really want is to be confident around women.

What else would money get you? It would probably allow you to buy cool toys that you could impress a woman with and take her out and have a good time. Things like having a boat to hit the water with while she stood at your side in her bikini. Or that cool muscle car that you could roll through town in with her sitting at your side.

So, what you really want is to be able to have fun and cut loose with a woman.

I hope you can start to see where I am going here. You think that you need to have money to attract women because of the other things that it can give you. And I won’t lie, having those things would be nice and it would help to get you more women. But, usually not because of the things that you had or the amount of money you can spend. It would have more to do with the fact that you did not get all hung up and insecure. That you could be confident and have fun with a woman and not worry about not being able to measure up. Well, you can still do ALL of those things, even with a modest income.