How To Make Love: Give Your Girl Multiple Orgasms Over And Over Again

How To Make Love: Give Your Girl Multiple Orgasms Over And Over Again

So you and your lady friend have a great time together, but have you ever gotten the feeling that you could do a bit better in bed? You want to know how to make love and really do awesome in the bedroom? I'll let you in on a little secret' It's easy to give a woman multiple orgasms, and tapping into that potential can be the difference between a night of incredible sex and something boring for both you and her.


Make It About Her Before we get into the tips and tricks, if you really want to give a woman multiple orgasms in one night, you will have to make this night about her. Be a generous lover. This may sound easy, but it's very easy to screw up here. Tonight, you are a Casanova that is going to make her go mad for you. Show that confidence, but don't really flaunt it. That can come off as putting the attention on yourself, even if you are doing everything else perfectly. Your attention should be on her, and her attention should be on her pleasure.

Focus on Foreplay

It really DOES matter. Serious. You need to start the night properly. This means a good, long bit of foreplay for her. Women need more time than men to get into the proper mood, and you are going to help her along that way. What you do depends entirely on what the girl likes, but here are a couple good places to start. Giving her body light, teasing touches before you can possibly get to the bedroom is a good way to get her thinking about how much she wants you. Massages are a good place to start as well, as that involves a lot of intimate contact. Alternatively, some good, old-fashioned making out on the couch can be a big turn on as well. Of course, foreplay can go quite a ways, but we will get to that later. Whatever you do, take your time and make sure she feels properly enticed, wanting more.

Compliment Her

She's amazing and you know it. Just let her know that you do. During foreplay, be sure to compliment her a good amount as well. This will serve to boost her confidence and relax her before you really get down to business. If she really feels sexy then she will be much more likely to respond especially strongly to whatever is going to come next. Again, that thought of 'what might come next' is a powerful force, and you can really accentuate it here as you compliment her.

Use the Whole Body

It's alright to use your head a little here. Oh, and don't just go for the typically sexy spots (a.k.a. the 'erogenous zones'). Classic examples include breasts (nipples in particular), the clit, and her butt. Sure, she will enjoy a bit of oral and such, but be sure to explore a bit. There are lots of parts of that body that can turn a woman on, and finding those areas can be a lot of fun for both you an her. Some women really respond to being kissed or lightly bitten on the ear, for instance. Still others might enjoy kisses or a finger running along her leg. Like I said, it varies from woman to woman, but you'll surely find a couple new spots if you look hard enough.

Give Her an Orgasm During Foreplay

The aim here, with all this foreplay and finding new spot, is to give her an orgasm during foreplay. That's right; give her an orgasm before you ever even penetrate her. However, the easiest way to get her to orgasm during foreplay is by applying small, circular pressure to her clit. Usually using a finger or your tongue is best for this. She will love getting an orgasm during foreplay; it shows that your attention is really on her pleasure tonight.

Find the G-Spot

Do it. She'll LOVE it. A side benefit to giving her an orgasm during foreplay is that her g-spot will be much easier to locate. To locate is most easily, put two fingers inside her and curl them slightly upwards toward her belly. With a small amount of searching, you will feel something like a small knot: this is her g-spot! Now that you've found it, give it some special attention. Stimulate it however works best for her until she achieves another orgasm. So that's at least two orgasms so far. Technically, you've hit 'multiple orgasms', but it's not over yet.


Now, you should penetrate her. Choose whatever position (or positions) that work best for you both, but keep in mind where her g-spot is. Certain positions will hit it better, thus making her even more aroused. Remember: this is about her. Start by going very slowly. Slowly accelerate from there until you are close to an orgasm. Stop. Start slowly again, and again speed up slowly from there. Repeat this cycle as long as possible. This both helps you last longer, and it gives her plenty of time to have a few more orgasms in the mean time. Oh, and pro-tip: the first third of the vagina (which includes her g-spot) is the most sensitive area. You don't have to go in super deep. Though it may feel great for you, avoiding really deep thrusts will feel best for her and will also make you last longer. take your time

There's no need to rush' so take it easy.

Find What She Likes and Keep it Going If you find something is really working for her, stick to that. Maybe even tease her a bit, with that particular action in mind. Also, be sure to mix up your positions. Don't just stick to one position the whole time. This will throw in a fun variety of getting to try out all sorts of different things. Plus, how else will you find the position that really puts her over the edge? Just be sure to remember where that g-spot is, and hit it as much as you can. Ultimately, you will have to reach orgasm as well, but hold out as long as possible. Eventually, you can let it go, knowing that you just gave your lady friend multiple orgasms. Wasn't that fun? For her, it certainly was.