Seduction Secrets for Men – Why You Cannot Try So Hard to Seduce a Woman

Seduction Secrets for Men – Why You Cannot Try So Hard to Seduce a Woman

Some things in life, it’s good to put in a lot of effort. Some things, it’s much better to sit back and let things happen. Seduction is one of those things. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not like you want to do absolutely nothing at all to seduce a woman. It’s just that, your average guy puts in way too much effort to try and seduce a woman and ends up getting very little in return. Why would it be better for you to not try so hard to seduce a woman? When things seem to happen naturally, as in, it does not look like you are trying to hard to make things happen, it seems more like it is just ‘meant to be. ’ And if you can create that feeling of things being meant to be with a woman, then seduction is a whole lot easier. When you stress and put more way too much effort, it’s inevitable that you are going to give off that vibe that lets her know that things are not happening naturally, you are trying to make them happen.

That is when you get the wall of resistance that women can put up so well.

You know, when things are going good and then she suddenly pulls away from you? To seduce a woman, you have to guide her into the right mood. Things have to be just right, so that she feels completely comfortable with getting more and more physical with you. Trying too hard to get it just right makes things awkward, feel forced and over all take away from that feeling of it’s meant to be. You need to lay back and let nature takes its course. When you have the mood set just right, and you make all of the right moves, it’s pretty much the only natural conclusion that you are going to end up getting physical with a woman. So, why not just lay back and let nature take its course? Most guys try to speed things up with a woman because they are afraid that if they wait too long, they are going to end up getting shot down or missing their moment. When the real truth is, they would actually have more of a chance of getting a woman into bed if they slowed down a little bit and let the moment play out the way that it is supposed to.

Women like to be aroused before they go all the way.

You’ve heard this before, no doubt. The old cliche about how a woman needs her foreplay to really enjoy herself. Well, one thing that they rarely mention about the foreplay is… it helps to set the mood just right so that it plays out one step after another. Instead of rushing to get inside of her, take your time to feel her out a little bit. Don’t just go for the private areas, touch her in places that are sensual, even if they are not so private. Caressing a woman up her leg, slowly while you kiss her is one guaranteed way to get her in the mood. Kissing her slowly on the neck and using your tongue to glide down to her chest will also help to get her aroused and in the mood. If you want to seduce a woman successfully, then you have to think about it in steps. Miss a step and you are less likely to end up in bed with her. Go through all of the steps at just the right pace, and you will more than likely end up having a night that you and she will remember.

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