The Ultimate 7 Step Guide To Successfully Seducing Russian Women

The Ultimate 7 Step Guide To Successfully Seducing Russian Women

So, the rumors are true, Russian women are truly some of the hottest ladies on earth. With full lips, petite features and unreal figures, there are really no other race of women quite like them.

Here's what I mean'

Don't even get me started on the sexy, smooth Russian language and accent ' I cannot cope with it. Take the stunning Mila Kunis, for example, one of the most fascinating creatures to every grace the silver screens. And, yes, you guessed it, she is Russian. (Take a moment or two now to YouTube some videos of her interviews, in which she actually speaks Russian!) There is really no wonder that you would want to seduce Russian women, so here just for you is our surefire seven step guide to successfully seducing them' enjoy!

Step one: Break the Barrier.

Russian women are renowned for being aloof and unapproachable. This is the first major problem you will come across with them. Chances are she will not be all that willing to speak to you in the first instance. Don't take this as a personal critique, Russian women have spent years building up a rather solid barrier system. It's not impenetrable, though, and believe me, neither is she. Although at first glance a Russian chick may appear a tad on the mean side, remember that this is all front and that there is no real substance to it. It is an exterior created in order to keep them from getting approached by a dozen men a night. In order to break down this barrier you are going to have to show some humility. Try to appear as self-deprecating as possible, whilst being friendly and tactile. Once you have won this girl's trust, she will soften up and become much less icy.

Step Two: Speak Her Language.

Do YOU speak Russian? I'm not saying you should enroll in Russian language classes, that would be insane and, frankly, a waste of everyone's time. However, if you want to impress a Russian girl you should at least have a few key Russian phrases up your sleeve. The Russians are particularly proud of their heritage, which means that if you should show the slightest interest in their background and language they will show a rather large interest in you.

Step Three: Play With Her.

Once you have broken down her exterior and shown her that you are not a threat, but a rather cultured person who has a general interest who she is as a person, then you can start your real game plan. You need to be aware at this point that she will most likely be playing you right back so look for the signals of this! To gain the interest of a Russian woman you have to make her believe that she doesn't have a chance with you' It may sound odd, but Russian women are notoriously fickle and as soon as you show a genuine interest in her she will lose all interest in you. Now it's your turn to aloof; take a leaf out of her book and once you've gained her interest and she's actually begun to talk to you, act as though that is the very last thing you want to do. Walk away if you must' chances are she will follow you trying to win back your interest. (If she does, you may not even need steps four to seven!)

Step Four: Dominate.

Are you getting dominated' again? It is absolutely ingrained in the Russian culture that a man should be dominant over a women. Whilst you have shown humility and been modest up until now, so as to break her down, you should switch it up and become the MAN of the situation. She will respond to this and comply with whatever you tell her to do; it's simply the way she has been raised. Subtlety drop in commands to your conversation. If she picks up a glass to drink say 'Put that down! Haven't you had enough?' When she looks directly at you say 'Don't stare at me.' This will unconsciously make her think that you are in charge, which is key.

Step Five: If She Drinks, Out-drink Her.

Go! Go! Go! As you probably know Russian women tend to be big drinkers. If you can out-drink her, you will not only cement your dominance over her, but you will also earn her respect. Challenge her to a drinking contest. Obviously use vodka, Russian Standard, and start drinking! Being a man you have the upper hand straight away and by pure physicality you should be able to out-drink her without too many problems.

Step Six: Close the Deal.

Russian women can be hard to close on, mainly because of their guard being up. But, if you have followed most of the above steps, you will have broken her down and be able to go in for the kill. The key here is to catch her off guard and use your new found dominance over her to get her to comply. First make her at ease. You might do this by telling a joke, showing her a magic trick or telling her a silly story about yourself. The point isn't what you do, it's that she isn't thinking about you hitting on her, but focusing on something else. Immediately after this command her to kiss you. Simply say 'Okay now kiss me.' Don't make it any longer than that or she will see you hesitate. Just command and I guarantee, if you have successfully completed the other steps, she will do it. She will be taken completely off guard and, just do it.

Step Seven: Take Control.

Once you have got this far and closed the deal it is important to take immediate control. After she has kissed you you have to keep the momentum going. Don not by any means tone down your dominance at this point, if anything you should take it up a few notches. No, this is NOT what I mean... Think of her as almost hypnotized. Whatever you command now, she will do. So take advantage of this and do it fast. After the kiss say something like 'Okay, good. Now get your coat.