What Attracts Men to Women? How To Attract Men With A Smile

What Attracts Men to Women? How To Attract Men With A Smile

Do you find yourself lying awake at night wondering if you will ever attract the perfect man for you? Do you ask yourself what is wrong with me? We will provide you with the tips to help you better your attempts to attract a good man. You already have the most poweful source in how to attract a man at your disposal, now you just need to know how to unearth it. Just being a female gives you power over a man. Women are the species that is beautiful and alluring. Use this naturally given power to attract any man you want. It's not just about looks, clothes, and flirting. Granted you will need to play on all these aspects to attract men but to hold his interest you want to attract him to who you are. Who are you? You are a beautiful creature that he just has to get to know. You are the possible puzzle piece that has been missing in his life. You are a mystery to him and it is your job to attract him by being that mystery that he wants to solve.

Being female is wonderful

You are the object of desire and this is a wonderful feeling. Simply being a woman means you have won half the battle in your attempt to attract what you desire. Know who you are, your likes and dislikes, what type of man you want to attract, where to go to attract him. Dressing to impress and a smile makes you smokin hot when a man first sees you. They are ruled by sight, smell, and desire. Play off of these aspects when it is time to go out and attract the man you seek. Clothes that flatter your coloring and body shape are a must have. Don't wear a perfume that is strong and overpowering. Stay away from musky fragrances and stick with soft ones (you want to play on the fact that you are feminine). Men are sexual beings. They want to be wanted and they want to attract women who will desire them. Gazing into his eyes and smiling is enough to get his blood going so work on that smile. We have provided you with the basics on how to attract men. The power of femininity is on your side. You must now find a way to unleash it.

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