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Creating a Fun and Flirty Vibe…Instantly! Posted by Learn to Approach

Filed under My Thoughts Flirting with women is all about getting off on the right foot. The first impression that you make with a woman will set the pace for the entire interaction…and relationship (if it goes there). So the key to flirting effectively is getting off on the right foot when it comes to […]

What kind of women are the most popular in the XXI century?

The woman has to be independent. The biggest female delusion is the idea that men always look for weaker woman near whom they will feel stronger, more cleverly, is more skilled. There is no bigger nonsense, than this, men consider. The adult who has taken place as the person the man is always ready to […]

How not to behave if you want to be popular among men?

You have met the tremendous woman, and here you have already the first appointment. Light music, candles, oysters with strawberry – the romantic, in a word. You lovely talk about that about this … and suddenly on you pour out a tub of ice water: “And where you would like to go to our honeymoon? […]