How to Pleasure your Woman – Sensual Massage

How to Pleasure your Woman – Sensual Massage

What is it? Sensual Massage is one thing and many things. Sensual Massage is the purest form of sensual expression, optimally utilizing the sense of touch. We use our hands most of the time, that is to push some pressure points on our partner's body. This will trigger a liberating feeling on his/her part.

But, massage or Sensual Massage can accomplish these results too:

  • Release from physical pains, like aching muscles, knotted nerves, hurting joints;
  • Release from emotional troubles;
  • Release from anxieties and stress;
  • Heightened sensuality, that can lead to less inhibitions during lovemaking;
  • Mood-setter for romantic adventures;
  • More blissful orgasm, resulting from unity of your partner's mind and body, and the unity of two bodies engaged in such an intimate act;
  • Reassuring sign that will never fail to give comfort to your partner;
  • Another method of communication which is often used without the benefit of words;

Who Needs Sensual Massage?

The bigger question is who doesn't? What man or woman doesn't love a nice, gentle, relaxing massage? To have their body rubbed and caressed from head to toe, front and back. I know the answer. Those whose partner's don't know how to give a proper massage.

Good News, I Can Fix That!

I can show you how to give a proper, painless, exhilarating Sensual Massage that will not only show your mate how much you care, but take your love life to the next level.

How Can Sensual Massage Lead to Mind Blowing Sex?

I wish all my questions were this easy to answer. Sensual Massage is the best kind of foreplay there is. By caressing and activating certain spots on your partner's body, you're priming him or her up for some wild moments ahead. His or her sensations are heightened, and every little thing you will do has explosively blissful effects.

Can I Learn How To Give a Sensual Massage?

You surely can! This eBook will give you all the tools you need to give the ultimate Sensual Massage. Will you be an expert from the get go? Probably not. The more you do it, the better you will get. All you need to do is ask your partner questions and observe their responses. By doing this, you will learn their body very quickly. What Do I Get?

Well, you will learn everything from:

  • Medicine and Massage;
  • Massage for Any Gender;
  • Massage and Your Instincts;
  • Can Sensual Massage Improve Your Sex Life?
  • The Basics of Sensual Massage;
  • Setting the Mood;
  • Stroking;
  • The Total Body Massage;
And much, much more.

A Few Helpful Hints:

  • Set the mood with soft music. You need your partner to be relaxed. Rocking to the beat of Metallica, might not be the way to go, Il Divo may be the better choice;
  • Use good quality oil. Dry skin on dry skin is painful;
  • Turn off the phone, cell phone, pagers etc. This is your time and your partner's time.
  • You don't need or want distractions;
A massage table is the best choice. This allows comfort for both parties and allows you to apply proper pressure. Although, a table is not always affordable. If that's the case, a bed will do. Just remember one thing guys: This is a Sensual Massage, not sex. Keep your pants on. Nothing ruins the mood more that a 3 minute massage;

What Will This eBook Do For Me?

This book will teach both you and your partner how to rediscover each others bodies. It will show your partner that you truly care about them. Even if the massage is only used to relieve aches and pains. What a lovely gesture. This book can help to bring back that lost intimacy. You remember when you first started dating. You couldn't wait to see each other, to touch each other, the sexual electricity. What happened? Did you get too comfortable, too lazy, or did your sex life become boring and predictable? This book can and will reignite that sexual flame that was once so intense, but now, exists of a few burning embers. If you want that, I can help you. I'm not going to say that it will be easy. Like a relationship, Sensual Massage takes work. It's not a onetime deal. You and your partner need to commit to it. A proper Sensual Massage should take 45 minutes to an hour and should be performed at least once a week. More is better. If you say that you don't have that much time. Here's a thought: Make your TV shows second and your mate first. You can always record and watch your shows later. Besides that, if you put watching TV over love making, you have a problem.

The Bottom Line:

I know that Sensual Massage works. I have been giving them for years and often, as well as receiving them. I wouldn't change my sex life one bit. It's amazing. If you want the ultimate sex life.