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How to Pleasure your Woman – Sensual Massage

What is it? Sensual Massage is one thing and many things. Sensual Massage is the purest form of sensual expression, optimally utilizing the sense of touch. We use our hands most of the time, that is to push some pressure points on our partner’s body. This will trigger a liberating feeling on his/her part. But, […]

Sex with your boyfriend

I’m a girl, i’ve had sex once. Me and my boyfriend decided to wait until we were ready and I think we’re ready but being almost a virgin I have no idea what to do haha. Tips pleeeease?! Oh you’ll be fine sweety! 🙂 Promise! Sex is one of those activities that even if you’ve […]

Get naked without fear

The act of making love itself, is exciting and enjoyable, but is preceded by removing clothes. Many people kill the passion in those moments before sex when they try to shed their clothes with difficulties, clumsy movements and stops that kill the passion of kisses and caresses. Getting naked to make love can be stressful, […]

Best Vibrators for Lesbians

Looking for a few lesbian toys or just want to find the best vibrator possible? A quick online search will do more to confuse you than point you in the right direction. Everyone seems to be recommending a dozen or so different products. This list is to the point, it covers the best vibrator, the […]

Tantric massage as a way to inspire your sexual energy

From the ancient Indian, the name of the massage type is translated as “connection”. Thereby, compared with other types of massage, here two sides are connected when the massage specialist also feels sexual inspiration. One of the most important sources of energy in our body is touch action. In such a way, energy is transferred […]