Best Vibrators for Lesbians

Best Vibrators for Lesbians

Looking for a few lesbian toys or just want to find the best vibrator possible? A quick online search will do more to confuse you than point you in the right direction. Everyone seems to be recommending a dozen or so different products. This list is to the point, it covers the best vibrator, the best lesbian toy and one additional product to enhance that toy. Clear and simple, just want you need.

Best Vibrator For Lesbians

The best vibrator for lesbian play may be The Ride On Ejaculating Sex Machine by Lovebots. This product is similar to the famed Sybian, but does not cost nearly as much. Here is why it is the best vibrator for lesbians. Pros of The Ride On Ejaculating Sex Machine Range of stimulation: the Ride On serves up a range of speeds that starts at 50 strokes per minute and can be increased to a mind-numbing 350 power strokes per minute. To vary the feeling there is a rabbit-style and a realistic attachment. Let’s not forget that the Ride On can actually ejaculate the liquid of your choice. Couples friendly: the Ride On has a remote control so that your partner can be part of every aspect of the fun. With multiple attachments and speeds, you can take turns without having to fumble around in your toy drawer for just the right stimulation. Affordable: the Ride On is currently selling for $332 on Amazon. That is $1,000 less than the Sybian. Cons of The Ride On Ejaculating Sex Machine A common issue mentioned with The Ride On is that it is a tad noisy. Not to the point that it is distracting for the rider, but you will not want to use it with overnight guests in the next room.

Best Lesbian Toy

The best lesbian toy must be one that can be used by both partners at the same time, is durable, and not empty your bank account. The Share Double Dildo hits on all three marks. Pros of the Share Double Dildo Multi-use: the Share can be used for solo play or during intercourse with that special someone. It can be used in water, for vaginal play, or anal adventures. Its curved design allows your partner to insert it into her vagina and still expertly thrust into yours! Durable: the Share Double Dildo is made of 100 percent silicone for long life and easy cleaning. Cost: great fun for just $100. Cons of the Share Double Dildo The main concern with the Share Double Dildo is that it is hard to keep in place unless you use it while lying down, it tends to slip out when you are very wet. This is easily overcome by using a harness. That is where the Spareparts Joque Harness comes to the rescue. The Joque uses a strong velcro strap system to fit any size or shape and the o-ring reinforced holder can accommodate toys that are up to two inches wide.

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